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Hi! As a journalist, I love to document everything. I love to take photos and write stories to go along with those. I hope you enjoy my work! 

hello + welcome!

Hi y’all! Welcome to my blog. This is my first post so I thought I would start it out by sharing with y’all the first wedding I ever shot by myself. Loren was friends with my husband, Quinn, in high school and was following me on Instagram.

Loren & Jake with Groomsmen










When I finally decided to make the next step and turn my photography hobby into a business, I posted on Instagram for models. I was looking to build my portfolio and I was willing to shoot for free until I built my portfolio. As you can imagine, lots of people starting reaching out to me because who doesn’t love free pictures? Loren was one of them and it happened to be around the time she was getting engaged.

I had the privilege of taking their engagement pictures and it was such a journey. No, they were not the greatest pictures but it was my second official photo shoot so I was still learning and she knew that. Taking their engagements was an absolute blast! They are the sweetest, most down-to-earth couple. They were so patient with me and of course, great models to build my portfolio.

THEN, they trusted me to do their wedding pictures and I am still so grateful for their trust. They are seriously the sweetest couple. Even on their wedding day, they were always thinking about everyone else and making sure everyone else was taken care of.

Loren’s flowers were stunning and so unique! Kendall did such an incredible job with the whole thing!

After their sealing, they had their reception at Cactus & Tropicals in Draper and it was absolutely stunning. Whoever thought to have receptions in greenhouses was a genius. They had a cute little Polaroid camera to document who came. I love this trend and I wish I would’ve used it for our wedding!


One of the cutest parts of the reception was the fact that Loren’s mom made the cake herself. It was such a beautiful cake and once again, the flowers were perfect!


The daddy-daughter dance always gets to me. It’s just such a sweet moment to watch a father give away his daughter. It’s so tender for so many reasons.



And just like that, they’re off to their honeymoon! Congratulations, Loren & Jake!


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